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Important information about ordering:

When placing your order, please note that if it is now week 4, please set your order date to week 9 or later. The exact delivery time of your order will be specified on the Monday before the week you set as the deadline.

Please enter the address of the order in a way that makes it identifiable for you and for us. For example: Kiss Endre – Konig, Budapest

In the case of a replacement order or complaint, please re-open the previously completed order to which the problem relates, so that all the information is in one place for you and for us. Your inbox will be assigned a Compensation or Complaint status at the factory.

After placing your order, you can communicate further by opening the My Orders menu under the selected order.

Orders have the following statuses:

  • New order: the order has been successfully sent
  • Received: the order has been processed at the factory
  • In process: the production number has been added to the order
  • Under production: the order has been priced and has been sent to the customer. In this status, the order is going through the production process and its preparation.
  • Scheduled for delivery: the finished product is still in production at this stage, but the factory is expected to specify a delivery date 1 week before delivery.
  • Delivered: the product is no longer on the factory premises (this status change may not occur immediately after delivery has taken place)
  • Completed: the product is no longer required, it has been successfully installed and the order process has been completed.
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