Our principles

Cliff Kitchens Ltd.

Ingredients for making kitchen furniture

Designing and manufacturing kitchen furniture may seem like a simple task, but creating a truly practical and beautiful kitchen requires a thoughtful design process and careful craftsmanship. It’s not enough to have a careful design or a sense of style, it’s also important that anyone starting out in kitchen production knows the right materials, production technology and the latest kitchen trends. This requires professional knowledge, innovative thinking, a commitment to quality and the right professional experience.

The principles from which we still stand today

Cliff Konyhák Ltd has been manufacturing kitchen furniture since 1993. We started as a small joinery factory and now we have a factory hall of more than 2000 square meters, a 21st century automated production line and a skilled team of about 20 people. But the most important thing hasn’t changed: we know that the people who use our kitchens chose Cliff kitchen furniture because they want a good quality and beautiful kitchen in their home. And that sets our quality standards: we make practical, beautiful, stylish kitchens for people who want to use their kitchens for decades.

The kitchens we design are used every day … and we incorporate our experience into our new kitchens.

Family business, built for the long term

We are both woodworking engineers, familiar with the materials and technologies needed to make quality kitchen furniture. As people who are committed to the profession, we keep an eye on what’s new and follow trends. And, of course, we are also a family, using and testing the kitchens we design every day. And we incorporate our experience into our new kitchens.

We plan for the long term, so our range and our service are all about quality. The most important thing for us is that those who choose Cliff furniture are satisfied. The rest is technology.

Best regards:
Mr and Mrs Stubenvoll

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